Our farm
We, the Vegetable Works Inc., run an agricultural farm in Makkari Village, Hokkaido, Japan. Currently we grow and ship seven kinds of crops suitable for the area’s environment on an 88-hectare farm (an area almost equal to 19 Tokyo Domes). Our passion is to grow safe and delicious vegetables using as few pesticides and chemical fertilisers as possible and ship them fresh. Our desire is to make everyone in the country smile at their dining tables having the produce delivered from the field of Hokkaido.

Our Farm and Makkari Village

We run our farm in Makkari Village which is located at the southern foot of the magnificent Mt. Yotei and surrounded by the Niseko mountain range. The vegetables produced in Makkari are very sweet, because the location surrounded by mountains creates a big temperature difference between day and night and results in the crops in the field storing up sweetness in them at night as growing big. In addition, the village is blessed with a fertile land as well as pure spring water called Kamui Wakka (“God's water” in Ainu language) provided from Mt. Yotei. The Shiribetsu River of the Makkari River system is also such a clear stream that its water quality has ranked at the top in Japan. For some anglers, a stream flowing through our farm is known as a secret fishing spot.

While the farm is a vast inland field, New Chitose Airport and Tomakomai Ferry Terminal, the main gateways to Hokkaido, are only 90 km away and the geographical advantage enables us to deliver fresh vegetables to the consumers’ dinner table in different regions in the country just a day after the harvest in Makkari.

As the region included in a heavy snowfall zone, all the land here gets covered with snow in winter. Our work in the field begins with the spring thaw.

Relaxed sceneries can be seen in the village with a population of about 2,000.
A spring from Mt. Yotei
Near the farm there is a spring from Mt. Yotei where many tourists and locals visit to draw the famous pure spring water.

We are Vegetable Works

We are a team of eight full-time employees and around 50 seasonal workers in peak seasons who all love to work in the field. The team includes youngsters who plan to have his/her own farm in the future, ski bums who work and save to ski away in winter, and housewives who raise crops while raising children. The most important thing in agricultural work is teamwork – once you taste our products, you will know how great our teamwork is!
Company Profile
Company Name
Vegetable Works Inc.
86-1 Midorioka, Makkari Village, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 048-1615 Japan
Shin Sasaki, Representative Director
14 February 2013
Description of Business
Production and sales of agricultural products
Trading Partners
Oisix.daichi Inc.
Radishbo-ya Co., Ltd.
Fusui Project Co., Ltd.
Consumers Cooperative Co-op Sapporo
Seikatsu Club Consumers' Co-operative Union
GPS Co., Ltd. (Palsystem Consumers' Co-operative Union)
Sapporo Mirai Chuo Seika Co., Ltd.
JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)