Greetings from Makkari, Japan !
In the great nature of Hokkaido, we grow vegetables in Makkari – a cosy village blessed with a pleasant breeze and Kamui Wakka (“God's water” in the aboriginal Ainu language) which gushes out, after having travelled and filtered underground over 80 years, at the foot of Mt. Yotei. In this home village, I have been engaged in agriculture while fully endowed with gifts of the earth.

Our mission is to protect this irreplaceable land, convey to people the fascination of Hokkaido, and allow them to feel the season at their own dining table by enjoying our farm produce.

The fertile ground we inherited from our predecessors, divine vegetables which can be grown only here in this place with the finest water and climate, and fellow workers who came and gathered to work with us are my valuable assets.

Products we deliver to you are our stories of the field.

Shin Sasaki
Representative Director
Vegetable Works Inc.